Read Vern Laures Auto Center's Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Chevy
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With all of the choices out there when it comes to buying a new vehicle, it can be a little overwhelming to say the least. What gives you the most bang for your buck? What’s the most eco-friendly, and how much extra does that cost? What must I sacrifice for more room, more power, better fuel economy? And the list goes on.

So, this list was compiled to give some of the advantages of buying Chevrolet… besides how good you’d look driving a new Chevrolet, obviously.

  1. Reputation Chevrolet isn’t the new kid on the block. For a century, Chevy has been making American vehicles for Americans. There’s a lot to be said for longevity, mainly that Chevy is doing things right, otherwise they wouldn’t still be making quality vehicles today with the same pursuit of excellence they were achieving 100 years ago. Chevy’s reputation was made the old fashioned way. They’re American steel on wheels; no job too big or too small. A reputation like this one isn’t just given away, it’s earned.

  2. Awards In 2013, Chevrolet has been awarded more J.D. Power Initial Quality awards than any other automotive brand. While every Chevrolet is made to keep the tradition alive, they are also made to keep up with people’s changing needs. Technology moves faster every year, and Chevy is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve. Mylink technology connects your smartphone to your vehicle’s computer for entertainment, navigation and communication, and using touch screen, hands-free, and steering wheel mounted controls, your attention while driving your 2014 Chevrolet where it should be, on the road.

  3. Safety Dance Chevrolet has more 5-Star Overall vehicle scores for safety than Ford and Toyota combined. Seven 2014 model Chevrolet received the NHTSA’s highest overall score for safety. Advanced features like Forward Collision Alert and Lane Departure Warning, along with the most advanced airbag systems available, rear vision cameras, rear cross traffic alerts and side blind zone alerts, make taking your Chevrolet the ideal choice. Chevy’s value is for those who value their safety, and that of their passengers, above everything else.

  4. Selection From full-size pickups to SUVs to crossovers to midsize sedans to compacts to pure muscle, Chevrolet has every customer’s needs and styles covered. Visit our store to get an inside look – and while you’re there, fill out an online credit application or schedule a test drive.

  5. Chevy dedication Every model is built with the same commitment to performance and safety as the last, and this quality alone will ensure Chevy’s place in automotive history.

  6. Service to go The Vern Laures Auto Center Service Department will not only keep your Chevy running with Chevy parts, but keep you current on service specials. Right now, you can get an oil change for under 10 bucks, which will come in handy if you take your Chevy on a trip every weekend.

  7. Planet friendly Chevy has always been proud to take steps towards a cleaner planet. They were one of the first automakers to develop an all-electric car, and Chevy will continue to be eco-minded.

  8. Work to live, not the other way around Building more fuel efficient engines and keeping low to the road lets you spend your money on what matters, not on your gas tank.

  9. Price  Chevrolet has always offered the latest in technology and design in the working man’s price range. More Americans have owned a Chevy for longer than any other make. So, work hard all week, and this weekend, drive your 2014 Chevrolet to Waterloo for a steak dinner. What’s more American than that?

  10. The Road Ahead When you purchase a new Chevrolet, you’ve become a part of a family. The Chevrolets our parents drove, the ones we drive, and the ones our (deep breath) children will drive; it’s all part of a bigger system, or as some folks call it, family.

Of course, these aren’t all of the reasons you should consider buying a Chevrolet, but they are all very good reasons. Take away the logic and statistics, and you’re left with a beautifully designed vehicle in all models, shapes and sizes that will stand the test of time – period. In other words, Chevrolet is not a fad; they’re here to stay; and the new line of Chevrolet vehicles are built for both work and play.

Original Source: (Written By: Jeremy Kiel)